"Ranging" cyber space in pursuit of web based solutions.

Dedicated to the creation of web interfaces to deliver ideas and products to the masses.

RootRanger is my attempt to venture into the world of cyber space. "Ranging" is a concept that dates back to colonial times when British regulars unfamiliar with roaming around the frontier were supplemented by men who were tasked with conducting reconnisance across large portions of untamed land. Though it may not be as intimidating as colonial America, cyber space is probably the closest thing to an untamed frontier these days.

I have experience coding in C++, Java, Python, and a few other random languages (LISP, Swift, C#, etc).

My other interests include fitness stuff (running, weightlifting, crossfit), grilling(recent member of the Green Egg club), and the finer things in life...like a nice cold beer (local stuff, wherever I may find myself).